Welcome to Energy and beyond.

Welcome to my bog! I talk about the energy sector and how technology is revolutionising it.

Energy is everywhere. From the spark that used to warm us in the forest to just a click when turning on the lights and all the infrastructure at our fingertips. We have come a long way from burning wood to building the next plasma generators and there is more happening.

Join me in this awesome adventure to discover how energy is changing our lives.

New posts

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 – European Islands Green recovery

A summary on the green recovery of EU islands The EU Sustainable Energy Week, a 3-day online policy conference, offers interactive and informative experiences following the theme „Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth.“This is the time for a green recovery by investing in renewables, clean mobility, energy-efficient houses, and more. Both„EU Sustainable Energy Week 2020 – European Islands Green recovery“ weiterlesen

The Greeks knew it

Greeks discoveries like earth circumference and Moon size are examples of observation needed in Science. Energy also uses observation to address different needs.

An introduction to energy

As discussed in the previous post, the definition of energy is the ability to work. This „ability“ can be expressed as a movement, heat, radiation or computation. Formally are called mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical or nuclear. Additionally, there is power, and there is Installed power. It is essential to state the difference as the first„An introduction to energy“ weiterlesen

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